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Welcome to the world of Elvijo Inc. Healthcare Services. We're glad you decided to visit us on-line. We think you will discover through this website that our health care and staffing company has so much to offer to referral sources, physicians, networking partners, prospective employees, and especially those in need of care and services at home. As you read through the information provided here, we hope you will come to understand our fresh perspective to caring and innovative health care agency services whose employees take the time to listen, to understand, and to add value to every relationship. We really do care for people... and about them...and it is our desire to serve that propels the quality of our service.

Elvijo Incorporated Healthcare and Nurse Staffing Services is in the business of providing short and long-term supplemental health care personnel to Pittsburgh, Allegheny and adjacent county nursing homes, hospitals, doctor’s offices/clinics, surgery centers and other healthcare facilities and institutions.  Our goal is to provide optimal staffing that will benefit the patient, facility and the employees.  We know the urgent staffing needs health care facilities face. We are health care professionals ourselves, and strive to provide a hassle-free, accessible staffing experience to busy professionals like you. We work to provide timely professional staffing coverage without jeopardizing the quality of your care. We put the healthcare professionals working for us first so that they can in turn, concentrate on putting your patients first.

Our Agency evolved from marketing research that concluded that the Facility case mix fluctuates.  Facilities now find it more economical to staff with temporary agency personnel during times of peak census/case mix.   This eliminates the additional cost of training, benefits, sick leave, vacation, and payroll matches among others. Elvijo Inc. Healthcare and Nurse Staffing Services have access to a large database of healthcare professionals with a wide variety of skills, and we are continually recruiting based on demand and area of expe